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Cultural Immersion

For US military officers, living in a foreign culture as an Olmsted Scholar delivers two years of constant surprises, intimidating at first and then exhilarating. Overcoming challenges, large and small, develops a new kind of confidence that never goes away.
Years later, Scholars recognize that they earned their readiness to face the unknown from the Olmsted experience.
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“The greatest leaders must be educated broadly.”

​General George Olmsted

  • “The Olmsted experience helped create a foundation of understanding and insight that served me well as I went on my mission to the International Space Station with an international crew of diverse backgrounds.”

    Colonel Michael Hopkins, NASA Astronaut
    OSC '03 Parma, Italy

  • “The Olmsted experience works because it attracts and promotes cultural curiosity. This is something I apply everyday in interacting with others onboard.”

    Lieutenant Commander Emily Bassett
    Executive Officer, USS Arlington
    OSC '09 Cadiz, Spain

  • “The Olmsted experience prepared me to rapidly adapt to new environments, which is why I thought it possible to launch a campaign for the Iowa House of Representatives with no previous political experience.”

    Representative Kenneth Rizer, Colonel (Ret.)
    OSC '98 Stockholm, Sweden

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